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Columbia, Missouri's Latest Television Export

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The general idea and concept behind this show is simply this. IT’S is a living, breathing stream of cinematic conscientious that can best be described as a schizophrenic grab-bag of genre crossing madness.

In other words, there's a bit of everything. Comedy skits, drama bits, action scenes, horror... something or another as well as interviews and whatever other nonesense "we" can come up with at the time.

"We" are also going to allow various other film groups to produce and sumbit their own segments. The idea is to help bring more attention to the film community in Columbia as well as bringing new groups of people together for possible future collaborations.

So... yea... mass chaos... on film!

Ok, so here's the deal. I'm offering 2-5 minute slot to any local filmmaker from the Mid-Missouri area on our new show, IT'S, that will be debuting on Columbia Access Television on Tuesday, Oct 30th at Midnight (on MediaCom Channel 3 or Charter Cable Channel 21).

So here's your chance. Get your friends/group together and make something. Horror. Drama. Action. Comedy. Political Satire. Music Video. Plug. Whatever you want as long as it's original, entertaining, and
NOT PORN!!! Whatever you submit, you will get credit for.

IT'S! the Music, STUPiD! - Massive Mouth

Anyone who is seriously looking do to a little work in film in or around the Columbia, Missouri area. No experience required but having some never hurts either.

"We" are always looking for new
Actors - Actresses - Camera People - Extras - and Go-fors*. So, if you're interested and want to hear more, let us know.